Pengertian Recount Text: Generic Structure dan Ciri-cirinya (Pengertian Recount Text: Generic Structure dan Ciri-cirinya) – Suka bercerita mengenai pengalaman atau masa lalu? Dan sedang belajar bahasa Inggris? pas banget! Pada kesempatan kali ini kita akan membahas mengenai pengertian recount text mulai dari materi, struktur, ciri-ciri dan contohnya. Tidak usah berlama-lama yuk kita langsung masuk ke pembahasan utamanya.

Pengertian Recount Text

Pengertian Recount Text

Recount text adalah salah satu jenis teks dalam bahasa Inggris yang berfungsi untuk menceritakan kembali suatu tindakan, kejadian, peristiwa, pengalaman masa lalu dari penulis dan diungkapkan melalui recount text. Tujuan dari teks ini adalah menghibur pembaca dan juga memberikan informasi dan aktivitas menarik yang dialami oleh penulis.

Purpose of Recount Text

Generic Struktur Recount Text

Secara umum struktur yang membangun teks recount di bagi menjadi 3 bagian, yaitu orientation (Pengenalan), series of event (rangkaian cerita), re-orientation (rangkuman/ending). Berikut penjelasan lengkapnya:

Orientation (Pengenalan)

Isi dari orientation atau pengenalan adalah informasi mengenai tokoh, karakter, set lokasi, waktu kejadian dan informasi-informasi umum agar pembaca bisa membayangkan setting ceritanya.

Series of Event (Rangkaian Cerita)

Event atau kejadian merupakan inti dari cerita, peristiwa ataupun kejadian yang dialami atau berusaha diceritakan oleh penulis. Pada event penting untuk penulis bisa menuliskan rangkaian cerita secara urut dan kronologis agar lebih mudah dipahami oleh pembaca.

Re-orientation (Rangkuman/Ending)

Tahap terakhir pada penulisan recount text adalah re-orientation. Pada tahap ini penulis harus mengulang atau merangkum dan juga memberikan kesimpulan dari keseluruhan cerita. Di akhir sesi ini jugalah penulis harus menyelesaikan ceritanya berakhir dengan ending yang bahagia atau sedih.

Macam-Macam Recount Text

Personal Recount

Personal recount text merupakan jenis teks recount di mana cerita yang disampaikan adalah pengalaman pribadi si penulis. Jenis ini adalah jenis yang paling umum dan mudah ditemukan. Tema teksnya bisa beragam.

Factual Recount

Recount text jenis Factual yang berfungsi untuk menyajikan informasi penting mengenai suatu peristiwa yang benar-benar terjadi (fakta).

Imaginative Recount

Jenis recount text yang terakhir adalah Imaginative recount. Kebalikan dari factual teks jenis Imaginative ditulis berdasarkan imajinasi penulis. Karena berdasarkan hayalan teks jenis ini bisa lebih menghibur.

Ciri-Ciri Recount Text

Contoh Recount Text:

Contoh Personal Recount Text

Title: A Wilderness Camping Experience

Last summer, I embarked on an unforgettable adventure: camping in the wilderness with a group of friends. This experience completely transformed my perspective on nature and outdoor life. We began our journey well-prepared, bringing along tents, cooking equipment, compasses, and all the necessary gear. Upon arriving at the camping site, I was awestruck by the beauty of the wild. Lush trees, a crystal-clear river, and fresh air immediately made me feel deeply connected to nature.

During our three-day stay, we encountered various challenges, one of which was finding a clean water source. We had to trek quite a distance to locate a safe freshwater spring. During this journey, we learned the importance of self-reliance and teamwork in such situations. We also acquired essential skills like setting up a tent securely, cooking meals over a campfire, and maintaining the cleanliness of the surrounding environment.

At night, we were surrounded by darkness and the sounds of forest creatures. It was an experience vastly different from our everyday city life. Sitting around the campfire, sharing stories, and gazing at the stars in the sky, it felt like we were truly connected to nature and a part of a larger ecosystem. When it was time to return home, we felt a sense of melancholy leaving the wilderness behind. This experience had changed us all. We learned so much about nature, about ourselves, and the importance of caring for the environment. Camping in the wilderness was an unforgettable experience, and I hope to return someday for a similar adventure.

Contoh Factual Recount

Title: My Visit to the Grand Canyon

Last summer, I had the opportunity to visit one of the most breathtaking natural wonders on Earth, the Grand Canyon. It was a trip I had always dreamed of, and it exceeded all my expectations.

My journey began with a long road trip from my hometown to Arizona, where the Grand Canyon is located. The drive itself was an adventure, as I witnessed the changing landscapes from flat desert terrain to the majestic red rock formations that signaled our approach to the canyon. As we reached the entrance, I couldn’t contain my excitement.

Once inside, I was immediately struck by the sheer magnitude and beauty of the Grand Canyon. Its vastness seemed endless, and the layers of red, orange, and yellow rock formations were a sight to behold. I spent hours hiking along the rim, taking in the stunning vistas, and even ventured down one of the trails to get a closer look at the Colorado River winding its way through the canyon.

The day was filled with awe-inspiring moments, and I couldn’t help but feel a profound sense of wonder at the natural world. It was a factual recount of an incredible experience that left a lasting impression on me, reminding me of the beauty and majesty of our planet.

Contoh Imaginative Recount

Title: A Journey to the Lost City of Atlantis

As I closed my eyes one night, I found myself on an extraordinary adventure, embarking on a journey to the fabled lost city of Atlantis. It began with a mysterious whirlpool that pulled me beneath the ocean’s surface, and suddenly, I was in a world unlike any other.

Atlantis appeared before me, a magnificent underwater city with towering crystal-clear domes that allowed sunlight to filter through, creating an ethereal glow. I explored the city’s labyrinthine streets, where ancient, ornate sculptures and intricate architecture lined every path. The people of Atlantis were welcoming, with luminous eyes and an aura of wisdom about them. They told me tales of their advanced civilization and the knowledge they had accumulated over millennia.

One of the most remarkable moments was when I visited the city’s central library, a vast repository of knowledge containing scrolls and books from every corner of the world. The Atlanteans were eager to share their wisdom, and I spent days absorbing their teachings on science, art, and philosophy.

As my journey came to an end, I was guided back to the surface by the same mysterious whirlpool. I woke up in my own bed, wondering if it had all been a dream. Though I couldn’t be certain, the vivid memories of Atlantis and the knowledge I had gained remained with me, inspiring a lifelong quest for adventure and exploration.

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